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Internal comms

For creators

Internal communication legends (or those of you wearing more than one hat) - why not  benefit from a platform that works for you, not against you.

Stay organised

Manage campaigns and measure results

Supercharge intranet content and do your campaign planning in beautiful drag-and-drop boards. From drafting the first post to sentiment scoring and message understanding, it's all in one place.

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Campaign dashboard

Arrange your content in a way that makes sense to you, and get insights on what works.

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Plan and publish

Using a Kanban style drag-and-drop format, you can schedule your content, easily.

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Run pulse surveys

Use surveys to check the pulse of your organisation and link them to campaigns.

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Gain audience insights 

Run a sentiment analysis to help guide your next round of messaging.

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Identify influencers

With engagement tracking, use social scoring to pick your top contributors.

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Set campaign benchmarks

Customise your campaign goals to suit what you want to achieve.

Effortlessly create and share

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Our simple editor helps you create beautiful posts with in-built branding and fonts. And paste images, MS forms and videos directly into your article.

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Promote your top posts on the homepage and global menu. No need to ask IT; it’s easy to change layouts to dynamically highlight new content.

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Use data to inform experiences. Read times help visitors choose what to click on. Show top reads, video channels or new community initiatives.

Company intranet

For your audience

Employees don’t use their intranet. FACT. Why? Because intranets aren’t built with users in mind. We’re about to change that.

Users can...

Engage in conversations

An intranet should be a launch pad for views and opinions that can be shared and re-shared. We provide mechanisms to make that a familiar and intuitive process.

People can comment, share, react on any post with @mentions and #hashtags, follow authors and tags. Then, join groups to existing Teams/Yammer/Slack with social notifications to keep the conversation going.

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Personalised feed

Get a live notifications feed that shows how and when others have engaged with you. 

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See recommendations based on popular and active posts, themes and communities.

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Search and save

Don't have time to read it now? Save articles for later and pick them up another time.

Something for everyone

Be curious, be connected

If employees need to find something specific, or want to discover something new, it's all here. With type ahead searching, simple filters and a smart layout, you can find stuff faster.

People finder enables you to search, discover and join communities. And, you can find and attend events, filtered by topic.

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What more could you possibly want?

  • Onboard with your branding, fonts etc
  • Dynamic homepage and global menu
  • Drag-and-drop campaign creator
  • In-built, intutive content editor
  • Image library, videos and forms
  • Sort by status, theme, campaign etc
  • Smart search, save and share functions
  • Comments, reactions, #tags and @mentions
  • Link to Teams/instant messenger/email
  • Embedded data fields, e.g. read times
  • Metrics dashboard for goal-setting
  • Linked surveys, e.g. sentiment analysis
  • Ongoing support and advice (just call!)
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We don’t withhold features behind pay barriers. No matter the size of your organisation, or which buying option you choose, you get everything.

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