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What you deserve from your next company intranet

What you deserve from your next company intranet

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Don't put up with an old, over-complicated or bureaucratic intranet. Buy a new one! This interactive checklist will help you avoid those pitfalls as you shop around.

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Key takeaways

Here are just some of the benefits 

In this checklist, we have included details on nine benefits and the features associated with those benefits that you should expect. Here's a taster:

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It's affordable

It's affordable

You probably don’t have the budget to throw away on an intranet that isn’t going to deliver ROI.

It's well designed

It's intuitively designed

How does your organisation's intranet measure up? Is it really intuitive, or does it just look nice?

Access to data

It provides access to data

You need to track traffic, reactions, number of comments, sentiment analyses and impressions.