3 fun Easter eggs to stash around your company intranet

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on September 03 2020


How can you inspire employees to keep up to date and visit the company intranet? With almost half of the UK's workforce working remotely, it's crucial that you find more ways to engage your people and encourage collaboration.

And, what better way than Easter eggs? After all, who doesn't love chocolate? No, unfortunately, that's not what we're talking about here. We're talking about website Easter eggs. We'd better give you a definition before we lose you to chocolate entirely.

What is a website Easter egg?

Website Easter eggs are jokes, features or messages hidden on your website or company intranet by your company's IC Managers, programmers, designers or developers. They're a fun way to increase engagement, spice up your news or just make someone smile unexpectedly. Google has some fancy ones for its general users. Type in 'do a barrel roll' next time you use the search engine and see what happens. Oh and check out elgoog.im for more fun and games.

We like to think of intranet Easter eggs as little nuggets of escapism that you can use to drive employee engagement and emphasise your company culture.

Make them your own, and when your people find them stashed in the middle of a business update it will give employees a laugh or encourage them to share it with the rest of the team.

Let's look at some Easter egg ideas for your company's intranet.

1. A responsive holiday section

Requesting time off from work is so damn satisfying as it is, but there's a way to make it more so. When someone requests three consecutive days off in a row, for example, place an Easter egg that asks them a question or provides a statement, such as:

  • 'Where are you off to then?'
  • 'Sunshine, Prosecco and Thai massages on the cards I see.'
  • 'Please, take me with you?' - Add an image of the boss to this one.

Get creative and come up with something unique to your business culture.

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2. Customised GIFs and Emojis

Remember that time Jack and Anna from accounts dressed up as Beetlejuice and Lydia for the company Halloween party? That video is definitely on your desktop somewhere. Dig it out, turn it into a GIF and every time someone mentions Jack, Anna or Halloween, have it pop up on the screen. Personalised fun is the best fun. (Oh, and maybe make sure they're OK with it too.)

3. Prizes for participation

It can be hard to get employees to fully participate in intranet activities. Easter eggs can be used to help speed up the process and reward people for completing their profile or contributing to company updates.

For example, if someone completes a specific task, make a popup or GIF appear saying 'Well done' and there is a surprise on the way. Get your IT buddies on board by asking them to set up an automated email to IC with the employees details when someone completes a task. 



Bonus ideas

We like you so much we thought we'd throw in a few extras to get those creative juices flowing. You could:

  • Create a Chuck Norris bot to tell jokes on demand.
  • Have a 'Where's Wally' toggle for news sections.
  • Help content editors hide messages in posts - like Arnold Schwarzenegger did.
  • Build an 'I'm feeling lucky' button to take your employees to a random post in your intranet.

Internal communications doesn't have to be a slog - it can be fun, too!

Share the joy

If you're still thinking about chocolate, you could leave some voucher codes hidden throughout your intranet for lucky team members to purchase their own chocolate treat. Who knows, Cadbury or Nestle might team up with you to do that. Wishful thinking? If you never try, you'll never know.

'If work isn't fun, you're not playing on the right team.' Frank Sonnenberg, award-winning author

Your intranet doesn't have to solely be used as the bearer of bad news or for important company updates. Jazz it up and make it a happy place, too. If it's any good, people will want to get involved along the way. At Ripple, we've played around with Easter eggs on our intranet. We've added in some fun things like Christmas hats on profile photos - so if you want Ripple to build some Easter eggs into your intranet, get in touch today.

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