An intranet called Dwight: 6 enviable intranet names

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on September 04 2020

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An intranet called Dwight: 6 enviable intranet names

Naming your intranet is one of those not-so-important-but-actually-important things that every comms manager must face in their career. A bad name could stain the white sheet that is employee morale. A good name, however, could see you with increased engagement, a more inclusive business and a hefty pay rise.

Okay, we lied about the pay rise (it’s just an intranet name, after all). Here are six enviable intranet names, and what to consider when naming your own.

1. 'The Loop' by The Children’s Trust

The Children’s Trust hit the nail on the head with their intranet name. Their aim? They wanted to build a platform that could connect, communicate and collaborate while remaining on brand.

The Loop’ is friendly on the eyes and perfectly captures the point of any good intranet – to keep their 500 employees, well… in the loop.

2. 'Loop' by Ofcom

Another take on this wordplay comes from Ofcom, the U.K.'s communication regulator. Their intranet is also called 'Loop', but for a very different reason. In this instance, the word 'Loop' refers to antenna loops, which are a big part of Ofcom's regulatory compliance services.

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3. 'VERN' by Veridian Credit Union

Acronym names have been popular ever since '2001: A Space Odyssey' and the introduction of HAL. VERN stands for Veridian Employee Resource Network. Although it’s not as intelligent as HAL, it sounds just as cool.

Their Digital Strategist, Sarah Mueller, decided to give VERN an entire persona to help improve adoption rates. She had three requirements when coming up with a name:

  • It had to be fun;
  • contain the word ‘Veridian’; and
  • not be the name of a current employee.

4. 'Flo' by Kent Community Health NHS Foundation Trust

There's a very good reason this NHS Trust named their intranet 'Flo'. Named after the legendary nursing figure from the 1800s, Florence Nightingale, 'Flo' helps nurses find the resources they need to keep patients happy and healthy.

In keeping with the historical theme, their intranet's logo is a hand holding a gas lamp, which sits alongside their slogan: 'I can light your way'.

Pretty good, right?

5. 'Dwight' by Pima Federal Credit Union

You probably know where this name came from. Pima Federal Credit Union named their intranet after the employee know-it-all, Dwight Schrute, from the hit TV show ‘The Office’.

Dwight is the place to go for their 150 employees. Not only does this quirky name remind employees they can still have fun while at ‘the office’ (see what we did there?), it also gives their intranet an entire persona, one familiar with many households across the globe.

6. 'Norman' by GS1

'Ask Norman' are the words often heard throughout the office at GS1. But Norman is no human, no. Like Dwight, Norman is the quirky name given to GS1's intranet system.

Named after the famous Norman Joseph Woodland, the inventor of the barcode (oh, you don't know him?), Norman the Intranet fits GS1's identity perfectly because, well... they make barcodes.

Fun fact - Norman drew the first barcode on a beach. We're not sure if he was trying to buy it or if he just needed to scribble the idea down.

Try a company-wide poll (but be careful!)

Public opinion is a dangerous thing (we all remember Boaty McBoatface, don’t we?). While a little risky, if you’re wanting to get people involved and creative with your intranet name, run a competition.

To solicit name ideas, ask employees to come up with:

  • A friendly, catchy name
  • A name that reflects the goals of your intranet
  • A tagline that explains the purpose of your intranet

Then, pick your top choices and put them to a vote.

When it comes to naming your internal communications software, keep it simple. Then, focus on the things that matter most: document management, connecting employees, improving engagement and efficiently sharing knowledge.

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