6 ways to create a digital champions league of intranet influencers

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on September 02 2020

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Digital champions league of intranet influencers - lots of LEGO people in a group

You want to promote the intranet within your organisation. You want to increase engagement on this communications platform. How? More than half of UK consumers trust recommendations from friends over advertising, which has resulted in the meteoric rise of influencer and referral marketing. So, to get people talking about your company intranet, you need to establish a core group of digital champions.

Sound good? Here's how you do it.

1. Start with creating great content (obviously)

We're not even going to get into this one. Seriously. You got this.

2. Encourage digital champions with an outreach programme

Once you have a content campaign ready, it's time to start promoting it, right? Now, your go-to may be to share it on instant messenger, put links in the monthly newsletter, and so on.

This time, we suggest setting up an outreach programme and promoting that, first. 'Try out the fun features on our intranet' - something like that. Offer incentives for the first ten people to leave a comment, such as a voucher or similar.

This is how you get those eager hand-raisers onboard. These are the people that used to sit at the front of the class in school. We like these people. Especially if you've just introduced a new intranet, the effect of them liking, sharing and commenting will really get the ball rolling.

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3. Listen out for the conversationalists

Once you have some traffic to your campaign, the next step is to look at the metrics. Are there people who are reacting, commenting and having conversations?

'The irony of being a good conversationalist is that talking isn’t the most important piece; listening is.'

— Celeste Headlee, radio host, and one of those terribly clever TED Talk types

Keep an ear to the ground for folks who - off their own bat - are more engaged than others. Like your group of hand-raisers, these are potential digital champions.

4. Contact top influencers directly for feedback

Once you have an idea who the movers and shakers are, get personal with some one-to-one chats. Contact them directly to ask them what interested them about the campaign, and get feedback on the platform more generally. Why not ask them to suggest a name for your intranet, if it doesn't have one already?

(Government warning: Do not start your email with 'I've been watching you.' HR will not be pleased.)

5. Create a focus group for your next campaign

It's time to gather your digital champions league together. Within a group, ask for suggestions for what to put on the intranet next. Alternatively, in these days of remote working:

  • Send round a poll or survey by email - try something like Typeform
  • Start a dedicated instant messaging channel or text group
  • Have a workshop via your video conferencing software
  • Share a collaborative document that everyone can edit, for jotting down ideas
  • Put together a task list on your company's project management tool

6. Give people a sense of ownership

The good news is you don't have to do it all by yourself. Diane in Sales might love the idea of calling all the department heads for a 'quote of the week' competition. Hank the engineer enjoys crawling the intranet deleting spam or inappropriate comments.

Give your influencers a set of responsibilities and the tools to deliver on them. That way, they 'own' a part of the internal communications output. They will, then, be much more likely to have a long-term interest in keeping the conversation flowing.

Those are our top tips. We hope you found them helpful. The next step is in your hands. Do you have any digital champions in your organisation? Now is the time to tap into that potential.

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