Answer the 17:39 'how's the campaign?' email in 10 seconds

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James The Wordsmith

on December 03 2020

Internal communication
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Let’s talk about intranets. No wait, come back!

Honestly, it’s going to be okay.

Just the very word intranet can be enough to send an arctic chill down the spine of any internal communicator.

You’ll know that feeling when you’re talking to someone about your organisation’s intranet, and you can instantly see their shoulders drop an inch or two.

Or that awkward silence when you ask someone in your team to load up that latest comms to what is often some cranky, dusty old CMS you have to shovel coal into just to log in.

How many times have you carefully uploaded your document, positioned your image, sorted out the thumbnail and pressed go live only to for the published version to look like a crab did it?

Just why are so many intranets a bit shi… rubbish?

Many are built by IT for IT, and more often than not, they don’t want to know what sort of functionality would actually be useful for busy internal comms teams.

They’re too busy playing World of Warcraft and discussing Game of Thrones to worry about this sort of thing (sorry, I’m only joking GOT fans!)

Ripple, however, HAVE thought about it and probably broke all the rules in the IT manager’s handbook by actually asking an I/C pro what I/C pros might like their intranet to do!

Radical stuff, huh?

I’ve seen the Ripple intranet platform, and they’ve managed to create an internal comms friendly intranet which works for the people who actually use it with logical workflows and easy to use drag and drop content creation tools.

Let’s zero in on campaign measurement, for instance. You’ve got your campaign tagged, and it’s running live on the SharePoint based Ripple platform.

Rather than worrying about it all weekend, you can answer that Friday night 5.27pm email from the CEO asking how the campaign is going with just a couple of clicks.

You can impress by going back with an overall engagement score (adding reactions, comments, shares, follows divided by views - the same way LinkedIn measures engagement) under the platform’s quick view engagement page.

You can deep-dive further if your CEO sends a dreaded follow-up note at 5.39pm… and pull out actual share and follow data and even sentiment scoring.

What I really liked was the keyword word cloud facility which also highlights precisely what your people are saying about your campaign.

I think it’s a great way to show how well it’s going if your CEO isn’t much of a data person or [whisper it quietly] doesn’t really get engagement metrics.

To put that in context, it doesn’t only record post comment feedback; it can help you devise follow up or new campaigns because you’ll know what people are saying.

If you want to talk about mental wellbeing, but the keywords show people refer to the subject as mental health, that’s fantastic insight to have next time you create copy about it.

You can also see who’s viewing your content and the impact their view is having helping you to spot advocates and potential influencers for your messages.

The platform also determines and lists the most successful individual posts from your campaign, providing more great insight to take forward while a poll function can get you right to the heart of what people think about your messages.

That’s just the topline view, and as I/C pros you can investigate and go further into your campaign metrics if required, time on page, how are people finding your content, impressions, are people clicking through on links, the sentiment of their reactions.

I have to say it’s all incredibly useful stuff and even better it’s convertible to a formatted PDF for sharing professionally around the business. Yes, that’s right, no more excel docs! It’s my Christmas already!

You can even gauge whether viewers scrolled all the way down to the bottom of the post and read it.

For me, it’s big tech stuff empowering you to have the insights to tell your board how you’ll run campaigns at the right time aimed at the right people with the right content you know they’ll engage with.

It does rather feel like the humble intranet might, at last, be about to join the rest of us here in the 21st century.

Even more importantly, it could help save the weekends of I/C pros everywhere!