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This is our team. And this is what work means to us

Our employees help you on your journey. Teams tell great stories. We provide the platform. Simple.

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Why us?

4 reasons to choose Ripple Intranet

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We champion IC

We like Internal Comms people. They’re our kind of people.


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A value match

We know the importance of internal communications. Top of the pile.

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How we work

We focus on communicating and putting content in front of people.

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The tech should be easy

We believe in humanising tech and democratising IT, for everyone.

Tick that box

Why you will choose Ripple

Ripple is all about helping your employees tell the stories that connect your workforce. We want to make that process as easy as possible: you use your time and talent to amplify voices, we supply the megaphone to reach a wider audience.

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Like-minded folk

What matters to us

  • Being honest, even when it’s uncomfortable.
  • Solving complex problems using simple solutions.
  • Using real data to keep improving all the time.
  • Thinking, listening and reflecting – then doing.
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Work with a happy team

How we work

  • We’re open and vocal, internally and externally.
  • We use plain language and are anti-buzzword.
  • We nurture the good and improve the bad.
  • Work enriches our lives, but it doesn’t envelop them.
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Ready for the beauty parade?

Our team

You can always chat with us if you want to put a personality to a face. Warning: we've got a lot of personality...



Phil Schofield

The customer guy



Larry Knight

The tech guy


Personal assistant

Lynn Tolchard

Keeping it all together



Reena Mohun



UI/UX designer

Kate Molloy

Making software beautiful



Jake Burdon

Building the future


Professional tea drinker


Could this be you? Sure it could

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