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Great stories deserve a platform

Intranets have the potential to streamline internal comms, but they also have an engagement problem. By putting content and communication front-and-centre, we’re giving employees a platform that actually represents them.

Internal communication never looked so human.

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Great stories deserve a platform
01-People-first intranet-smiley-1

People-first intranet

Enjoy an interface designed for human beings, not robots.

02- Zero-faff content creation-pencil-1

Zero-faff content creation

Organise, write and publish campaigns, all in one place.

03-A social watering-hole-like-1

A social watering-hole

Encourage team engagement, one react emoji at a time.

04-Visible, accessible data-1

Visible, accessible data

Ditch the blindfold, see what works and measure results.

05-Taking the temperature-1

Taking the temperature

Ask people that actually use the intranet what they think.

06-06-No bells and whistles

No bells and whistles

Get everything you need, and nothing you don’t. No frills.

Step 1: get our platform-in-a-box

Start right away

User-friendly, idiot-proof, intuitive. No formatting hoops to jump through or template hurdles to vault. Leave IT support in the dust, and start your comms journey with drag-and-drop campaign scheduling, a first-rate content creation canvas and a faff-free homepage. One-click: published.

Start right away-2

Step 2: share great stories

Make engaging easy

Content should grow into conversation. With Ripple Intranet, you can like, love, celebrate and be inspired with a range of reactions. And, automatically curate trending posts and recommended reads, so it’s easy for people to find and engage with the good stuff.

Illustrations-Database_Make engaging easy-4

Step 3: see what works

Order out of chaos

The scattershot approach doesn’t work. Group content into easily navigable campaigns that can be monitored for engagement. Compare stats and sentiment reporting. Get an idea of what’s working and what isn’t at a glance, using real numbers to guide improvements.

Illustrations-Database_Order out of chaos-3

Step 4: pastrami-on-rye

Support beyond the sale

We’ll help you get set up and we’re right there if you ever need support in the future. Our whole deal is to provide an easy-to-use platform, but if we can help you optimise your intranet for the long-haul or add new features, we will. Like a good suit, it’s all in the tailoring.

Illustrations-Database_Support beyond the sale

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